Who is not entitled to social pension, you will find here See also: Czerwińska: The increase in social pension by savings in the budget »The amount of social pension.

When, in turn, tend to be hounded ( «Will you go with me to the party?» «Well I guess you’re not afraid of us sleep?») Or lie ( «I lived here with my mother and children, and now I’m going to travel to Cambodia, so have fun «), or in diplomatic escape. Example? 22-year-old with colleagues from Israel reserves the apartment in the center of Warsaw. It comes to him and says to the host: «This is probably haunted.» And in fact, in the hallway dim light, the old image on the man and woman. «This is Michael, this is Kryska. They were married. They died here «- we all start laughing. «Krystyna lives upstairs, but she is calm. Michael sometimes come and will want to talk to you «- jokes host, there is no end.

Whereupon the chair. 3 am phone: «We talked with Michael and he says that you are very cool and absolutely need to sleep with us.» «Michael I’d be afraid sooner than listening. And the best is how guys go to sleep together «- then falls in response. Otherwise, the hosts threatening to get unflattering review, for example. «We had so many questions: where to go, what to eat, where to the nearest store, and it is far to the counter. But imagine that our host was busy FOREVER. » Or «Apartment dirty, smelly, nothing in the host wanted to help us.» Airbnb for nothing then it will not erase.

Another round — once housing was less, and the guests tried to look after them. Gone are the days when Airbnb ideology based on the principle: «Traveling, you live in my house.» This does not mean that now you can not even meet such people — provides Tomasz Sobierajski, social sociologist at Warsaw University. — But now he did with this first and foremost a business. DGP magazine of September 7, 2018 Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, it is not surprising that many hosts today equates the behavior of visitors to a round of boxing. If you go down to the corner, it’s only to gather strength for another attack. — Another thing that the guests have already imprinted attitude: I paid, I have to end use what I should be. And even more.

The same is true, moreover, too, eg. In restaurants, where as readily picky, we give food, we call the chef. — There are many such cases — confirms Chacińska Carolina. — As recently as a few days ago, a couple from Germany ordered a flat in Warsaw. They came, looked — have seen the expression that they do not like — and finally burned out, they suddenly someone in the family died. And they have to go to the funeral. Immediately. We agreed in the end it was about her mother. Even we returned the money paid in advance.

It did not take a few minutes and colleague gets an email from them: «We want to reserve an apartment.» The term remained unchanged. In matters concerning the tax consequences of selling a home is usually a moot point becomes the moment of its acquisition. Why is this so important? PIT Act indicates the conditions for exemption from the tax on natural persons such transactions. In accordance with Article.

10 of the PIT Act, a sale of real estate, as a rule, is a source of revenue. However, if the transaction does not occur in the ordinary course of business and will be made before the expiry of five years from the end of the calendar year in which the acquisition or construction of the house, there is no taxable income. The key is to determine if the acquisition of the apartment. See also: PIT: A stay in a nursing home is not entitled to relief rehabilitation »Sale of real estate and PIT. Assets commonality to avoid tax «So it was on podatniczki, which applied to the taxman with a request for individual interpretation.

Spouses covered joint property 19 years ago bought the property. A few years later, they divorced and divided the property. The taxpayer repaid her ex-husband and became sole owner of the house, which now plans to sell. Importantly, from the division of property is not passed 5 years. This prompted claimant to the question of the tax authority, or from the sale of the house must pay the tax. Whether the revenue from the sale of the property before the expiry of five years from the date of the division of common property of the former spouses is exempt from PIT?

The question comes down to determining whether the moment of purchase of the property came with the inclusion of the house to the joint property of the spouses, whether at the time the division of property . The answer to this question can be found in Art. 10 paragraph. 6 of the PIT Act. «In the case of disposal for consideration after the cessation of community of property marriage, acquired the common property of spouses or built during the joint property marital property or acquired common property of spouses property rights, the period referred to therein, shall be counted from the end of the calendar year, where there has been an acquisition of common assets of spouses or build during marital community of property. «in the light of the provisions of the PIT Act, the moment of acquisition occurred 19 years ago, when they bought the property spouses. House for sale, which has become the sole owner of the taxpayer will, therefore, after 5 years of its purchase. This means that such transaction will be exempt from PIT. The taxpayer will also have to send skarbówce PIT-39.

Ws individual interpretation. Tax consequences of disposal for consideration of property after divorce and division of assets (ref. 0115-KDIT2-1.4011.224.2019.1.DW) The social pension can apply for persons with a full and temporary incapacity to work. Provision shall be entitled to adults when the incapacity occurred before the age of 18 years or during the study (including doctoral studies or scientific) to complete 25 years of age. At the same time for an adult is also considered a woman who has entered into a marriage after 16 years of age and under 18 lat.Renta social may be granted on a permanent basis — if incapacity for work is permanent or for a specific period — if the inability to work is temporary. Who is not entitled to social pension, you will find here >> See also: Czerwińska: The increase in social pension by savings in the budget »The amount of social pension. Niedawana to the amount of social pension accounted for 84 percent. the lowest amount of pension for total incapacity for work.

From September 1, 2018, the amount of social pension was increased to 100 percent. the lowest amount of pension for total incapacity. As a result, the provision increased from 865.03 to 1029.80 zł zł. The pension is paid in compensation from 1 June 2018. This means that compensation for a person who received a pension in June, July and August amounted to 494.31 zł, in September, giving the provision in the amount of 1524.11 zł. Since March 2019 years social pension will be even higher, because it will cover the annual indexation of pension benefits. The government adopted the draft budget, the indexation rate for the next year is expected to be 103.26 percent. If this provision continues, the social pension will increase soon about 3.26 percent.

As a result, in 2019 years social pension should be about 1063.35 zł (increase of 33.55 zł). More about the indexation of pensions read here >> See also: Disability annuity with a higher social »In addition, the pensioner can collect both survivor’s pension and social benefits, as long as both the amount of benefits does not exceed 200 percent. the lowest amount of pension for total incapacity for work, that is, from September 2018 the amount of 2059.6 zł eye, and since March 2019 years — 2126.7 zł. If this sum is higher, the reduction is subject to the amount of social pension. The amount of the reduced social pension can not be lower than 10 percent. the lowest amount of pension for total incapacity for work. By downloading a social pension can also dorabiać. However, in order not to lose the insured benefits can earn some extra money to 70 percent. the average monthly salary for the calendar quarter published by the CSO.

Limits duplicating 2018: See, when ZUS will reduce pension >>

Prime Minister was asked in a radio «Jedynka» announced by a teachers strike on April 8; Teachers are demanding podwyżek.Morawiecki stressed that the teaching profession is a profession for him on a mission, «one of the most critical for the development of Polish». «Therefore help on homework it is very clearly a year ago, I gave the signal Minister of National Education to built a support program for teachers and so it happened. Just a year ago, decisions are taken about to begin the sequence increases which — I can say — was not long ago; three times 5 percent. » — Morawiecki.zobacz also said: «My words were distorted,» and «I’m extremely sorry.» Szczerski teacher apologizes for his words «As he said, the government has also accelerated the introduction of increases. «We will have to think about the next in the following years, because remember, that this year will be twice the 5 percent.» — said the head of rządu.Dodał that he had asked the Minister of Education to teachers who earn the least, that contractual teachers and trainees, raise wages faster. «To give some extras that really compensate for low wages», — noted premier.Premier was also asked whether hopes that teachers refrain from industrial action during the exams. «I ask for is, of course, that there was a halt, will suffer because this (strike) children, parents will suffer» — noted the head of rządu.Podkreślił that the government is committed to increase in the budget planned for this year. «I have a request to teachers, indeed, to give us the chance to wait for another raise, and then the next, at the beginning of next year. There are so many groups that three or four hikes get in such a short time» — Morawiecki.zobacz also noted: Polish Teachers’ Union announced the date of protest in schools. What exams? »How stressed the responsibility of governments is to pay some of the incentive payments, function, or for difficult working conditions. «And they (governments) sometimes save on teachers. (…) It should appeal to the local government, because the government side we really want to do everything possible and accelerate some programs» — premier.W said Monday the president of the Association of Polish Teachers Slawomir Broniarz He reported that the Bureau of the Board of the PNA decided to launch a strike on April 8 in schools and other educational institutions, in which — as a result of the referendum — will be achieved consensus on his conduct. Union demands to increase salaries of teachers and education workers, teachers, non-zł.Strajk 1000 is expected to begin on April 8 and is to be of unlimited duration — a decision about the date of his termination is to take the presidium of the Board of the PNA.

This means that the period may coincide with the planned external examinations for April 10, April 11 and 12 to be held exam high school; and 15, 16 and 17 April — ósmoklasisty exam. May 6 to start the exam. But most of all, will lead to a dangerous threats to the economy. Wyżnikiewicz: Increase the minimum wage destroys business in small towns and villages / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d) ) return; js = d.createElement (s); js.id = id; js.src = «https://videotarget.pl/v1/sdk.js» vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)}; (document, «script», «VT-SDK»)); / ** / — A threat is entering a gray zone of micro-entrepreneurs, especially in small towns and villages, because that’s where the minimum wage is catching up with the average salary — says in an interview with Bohdan MarketNews24 Wyżnikiewicz of the Institute of Economic Forecasting, former president of the Central Statistical Office. — where the entrepreneur has the option to close your business or enter into a gray strefę.Wzrost minimum wages in the budget sector strike. Hospitals will fall into even greater debt, and the problems with the budget will also szkoły.Wzrośnie demand for highly qualified, but also increase structural unemployment, on the low-skilled, who even now have trouble finding a job. >>> Read also: Foreign trade in services.

Poland will have a surplus of 100 billion zł, this epochal achievement The logs some children next ratings of standard subjects such as mathematics and language Polish emerge assessment of … chess. Such unusual lessons are held in nearly 200 primary schools, but the initiators of the project admit that they would like to eventually covered the whole it was Polska.Szachy instead mathematics is the same korzyścizobacz also: Chess in school will help children understand math and not just «boys predominate among children from the worst results in school. Why? «The time spent in the school chess is by no means time wasted. This is not only fun too. How to convince the participants of the conference summing up the pilot project, drawn from this specific benefits, such as increased concentration and better results in nauce.- To acquire knowledge of classical subjects, such as history or mathematics need skills that will allow to understand and assimilate the facts. They include focus and ability to self-learning and self-draw conclusions. An impatient student will therefore have difficulties with learning and best first impress upon his method, and then the knowledge classroom.

Way to do this is just chess — says Jakob Rathlev of the Union for. Chess School in Denmark, where the program covered 400 schools, ie approx. 20 percent of all placówek.Aby see what can be achieved by teaching children the game of chess, the Danes dared to unusual experiment. Gameplay had to resign herself queen of sciences. In the five schools in seventeen classes they created two groups. In the first four lessons we conducted mathematics. In the second one of those lessons was replaced chess.

At the end of the year the results were checked children. Much better in math class fared chess, which was less przedmiotu.Uczą lessons that children and nauczycieleDo project may include all primary schools, but lessons can only provide teachers adequately prepared by the Polish Chess Federation. Classes are taught by two years. How are classes? — Chess cleverly smuggle knowledge of geometry and directivity, but not only. We use various fields of knowledge.

For example, presenting the figure of the king took the opportunity to present the history of Polish kings. Very quickly, children learned about a letter. Alphabet to «H» had mastered before those letters arrived at the right lessons — describes Jolanta Catherine Dados, a teacher from Primary School in Kurowie.Aby lesson does not become too monotonous, abstract chess are enriched with elements of role-playing cards and books Adrianna Ursula Staniszewskich. In his sister’s work on the board game convention they dressed in fairy tale full of adventure, which by the way gry.Projekt teaches children the principles of «Education for Chess in School» was established in the Polish Chess Association. Since 2012 this type of seizure, the European Parliament recommended.

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